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10" Slim Line Clear/Blue w/o pr - 1/2" In/Out

10" Slim Line Clear/Blue w/o pr - 1/2" In/Out
10" Slim Line Clear/Blue w/o pr - 1/2" In/Out
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Slim Line filter housings areavailable in either reinforcedpolypropylene or clear Styrene-Acrylonitrile (SAN) in 5, 10 and20 lengths. The black or bluereinforced polypropylene housingcaps are available with 1/4, 3/8 or1/2 NPT connections. Four bossesare molded into every cap formounting purposes.Slim Line filter housings are anexcellent choice for low-flowapplications and when space andchemical compatibility are primaryconcerns.

Clear Slim Line Filter HousingsClear Slim Line filter housings offeron-site examination of flow,performance, and cartridge life.They are ideal for a variety ofapplications.Manufactured of clear, Styrene-Acrylonitrile (SAN), the sumps arestress relieved for added clarity andstrength. The blue polypropylenecaps can be ordered with anoptional pressure-relief button onthe inlet side to relieve pressureinside the housing when changingfilter cartridges.Opaque Slim Line Filter HousingsMolded from rugged reinforcedpolypropylene, Opaque Slim Line filter housings offer outstandingchemical compatibility and are idealfor use in a variety of low-flowapplications. These applicationsinclude under-sink and countertopresidential filtration, pre- and post-reverseosmosis filtration,recreational vehicle filtration, foodservice and humidifying systems.They are equipped with a black,reinforced polypropylene cap andcan be ordered with an optionalpressure-relief button on the inletside to relieve pressure inside thehousing when changing filtercartridges.


Slim design reduces space required for installation without sacrificing capacity

FDA Grade

Optional pressure relief button on inlet side of cap

Leak-proof seal with top-seated o-ring

Available with clear or opaque sumps

Filter Systems

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