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Aquatec 550 Series 6 GPM

Aquatec 550 Series 6 GPM
Aquatec 550 Series 6 GPM
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6 GPM; 60 PSI; 1/2; F; 120V CHORD

Performance ( 6 GPM @ 60 PSI )

550 Series are capable of flow rates up to 5 GPM @ 60 PSI depending on model

These pumps are designed for intermittent duty, though most models can be run continuously for hours at a time. They are commonly used either to pressurize water from an atmospheric tank, to deliver purified water to a specific point of use, or simply to increase pressure when required. These pumps can be controlled by either a pressure switch ( demand mode) or an external power control device ( delivery mode). When required, an integrated bypass can be incorporated to help regulate pressure levels.

Typical Application Water Treatment/RO Beverage/Foodservice(*) Distillation Equipment Agricultural Spraying General Industrial Automotive

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