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Cuno SGP124BN-T Filter System

Cuno SGP124BN-T Filter System
Cuno SGP124BN-T Filter System
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Aqua-Pure Model SGP124BN-T single-cartridge water filtration systemsassure consistent high-quality water for espresso and espresso-baseddrinks at flow rates to 0.5 gpm (1.9 lpm). A blend of high-capacity strongand weak-acid ion-exchange resins reduces calcium and magnesium ionsto prevent hard scale formation on heating coils and boilers resulting inenergy inefficiency, downtime, and expensive service calls. Inlet waterTDS and alkalinity are also reduced. Premium activated carbon reduceschlorine taste and odor and bitterness associated with poor water quality.A built-in bypass directs 75% of the inlet water through the mediacombination for treatment. Model SGP124BN-T has a capacity of 422.6gallons (1,921 liters) for inlet water with 180 ppm (10.5 gpg) hardness.

Features and Benefits
Consistent, great-tasting espresso and espresso drinks from water withreduced hardness, alkalinity, TDS, and chlorine taste and odor.

Increased lifetime and capacity from a built-in bypass that allows 25%of inlet water to pass through untreated.

Reduced hard scale formation on the heating coils by the reduction ofcalcium and magnesium ions results in improved energy efficiency andreduced downtime and expensive service calls.

Patented* valve-in-head design simultaneously shuts off and ventswater with 1/4 turn, allowing for simple and trouble-free cartridgechange-outs.

SQC Sanitary Quick Change encapsulated cartridge design allowsfor fast and easy change-outs with a 1/4 turn while minimizing thepossibility of leakage and contamination.

FDA CFR-21 compliance provides assurance of safety.

3/8 FNPT horizontal inlet and outlet ports allow direct or easilyadaptable connections to existing plumbing lines.

Optional pressure gauge allows monitoring of downstream waterpressure.

Exhausted cartridges may be incinerated for environmentally consciousdisposal.

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