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Aquafine SCD H Series UV Systems

Water Treatment Chemicals

Aquafine SCD H Series UV Systems

Aquafine’s SCD H series provides TOC and chlorine destruction solutions, maximizing reduction efficiency in high volume, ultrapure, waste or reclaim applications for both indoor and outdoor installation flexibility. Aquafine SCD H systems for TOC (total organic carbon) and chlorine destruction can be found worldwide in state-of-the-art microelectronic facilities and life science applications where meeting stringent criteria of the cGMP and full acceptance by the FDA are mandatory. The SCD H series consists of 316L stainless steel treatment chamber and a UL TYPE-1 painted carbon steel control cabinet, with a maximum cable length of 15 ft. (5m). The control cabinet features a microprocessor-based controller. The units compact size reduces footpint and maximizes installation flexibility. Single-ended (SE) HX lamps allow quick change-outs without tools. Utilizing our modular skid configurations, less floor space and higher flow rates with state-of-the-art technology, Aquafine’s ultraviolet (UV) systems are an innovative, reliable and environmentally responsible alternative.

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