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Big Brand Hydro Line Reverse Osmosis Systems

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Big Brand Hydro Line™ Reverse Osmosis Systems

This check valve is required to hold the reverse osmosis water in the storage tank when the system shuts down. If the system runs continously and doesn't shut down there can be two causes. First the check valve has failed and when the s...
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Big Brand Hydroline Reverse Osmosis Systems are manufactured in the USA using the highest quality components available. All Hydro Line systems come standard with 3/8" high flow tubing tank to faucet, quick connect fittings, integral shut-off, high capacity 36 gpd membrane, NSF approved storage tank with stainless steel connection and other features that are extras with our competitors. Hydroline Systems are available with Booster Pump or Permeate Pump.

  • HL5000 RO System w/ Permeate Pump HL5000 RO System w/ Permeate Pump
    The Hydro Line™ 5000 Permeate Pump is designed to reduce the amount of waste water produced will increasing the purity of the reverse osmosis product water. The permeate pump utilizes the energy of the waste water running out of the reverse osmosis membrane and down the drain 4X as quickly as the product water to turn the pump mechanism. The product water is pumped out of the reverse osmosis membrane into the tank by the permeate pump, thereby eliminating backpressure on the membrane. The result is that even when the tank has 20-30 psi in it, the membrane makes water with zero tank backpressure providing maximum bet driving force across the reverse osmosis membrane surface. The Hydro Line™ 5000PP features a 5 micron sediment filter, granular carbon 2nd filter, and an extruded carbon block 3rd pre-filter. A high capacity 36 gpd Filmtec TFC membrane is used to obtain ion rejection in the 92%-98% range. Greater inlet pressure up 100 psi will generally yield higher quality product water. Water is stored in a 4 gallon NSF certified tank. The water is polished on the way to the faucet with an Omnipure NSF certified granular carbon post filter. Features high flow 3/8" tubing tank to faucet. 5 year warranty on system, 2 year warranty on pumps, 1 year pro-rated membrane warranty.
  • Hydroline Reverse Osmosis Parts Hydroline Reverse Osmosis Parts
    It is recommended that they check valve and auto-shutoff valve be replaced annually. HL5000 filter pack should be changed every 6-12 months. Reverse osmosis membranes generally last 2-5 years. Tanks need air annually using a bicycle pump or air compressor. The tank should have 10 psi when empty. Tanks should be changed every 5-8 years.
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HL5000 RO System w/ Permeate Pump
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HL5000 RO System w/ Booster/Permeate Pump
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HL5000 RO System w/ Booster Pump
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