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Entourage 20" Triple Final Filtration System

Entourage 20" Triple Final Filtration System
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Entourage Filtration is a separate division of Big Brand Water Filter focused on food, beverage, biotech and pharmaceutical applications.

The Entourage triple 20 water treatment system features three high purity unpigmented polypropylene filter housings.  These housings have a much smoother internal finish than our standard housings.

The filters offer progressive filtration down to 99% removal at 0.2 microns.

This system is designed to go before the final UV system and is then followed by the Entourage Filtration final filter before bottling/packaging the end product.

This system can be used as the final filter for bottled water before ozone injection.

In laboratory applications this system goes after the DI tanks, before the UV system.  It can also be used on recirculation systems.

Standard configuration is for water based solutions.  This system is also offered in configuration for filtration of alcohol based solutions such as vodka, whiskey or other alcoholic beverages.  We can also configure for filtration of chemicals and solvents.

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