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General Plumbing Products

Pipe, Valves and Fittings

General Plumbing Products

Cash Acme has a range of general plumbing products to support our comprehensive line of specialized products. Our general plumbing line includes ball valves and washing machine supply valves.
  • 2000 Series Ball Valves 2000 Series Ball Valves
    NPT threaded connections. Full port. Adjustable packaging gland. Pressure rated to 600 psi WOG and 150 psi WSP, maximum temperature 300°F (149°C).

    2000 Series Ball Valves

  • In-Line Check Valves In-Line Check Valves
    The Cash Acme In-Line Check Valve is a general purpose, NSF-61 certified check valve. The check valve effectively prevents the reverse flow of water through a water line. The check valve combines a spring loaded design with an NBR seat to create a bubble tight shut-off.

    In-Line Check Valves

  • Water Hammer Arrestors Water Hammer Arrestors
    These Water Hammer Arrestors are certified for both domestic and commercial use, and contain only one moving part (a free-moving piston). The robust and simple construction is designed for vertical and horizontal installations.

    Water Hammer Arrestors

  • WM-1, WM-2 Washing Machine Shut-off Valves WM-1, WM-2 Washing Machine Shut-off Valves
    Single-lever control of both hot and cold water to protect a clothes washer's hose and inner working parts. E-Z on/off ball-type design can also be used to throttle water flow and ease the water hammer shock caused by solenoid valves. Bronze construction. Equipped with Teflon seats against brass thru-hole balls that provide quiet rotating action. The WM-1 is supplied with male adapters. The WM-2 is furnished with sweat copper elbow adapters (2-3/8" on centers) which may be installed either up or down.

    WM-1, WM-2 Washing Machine Shut-off Valves

  • Y Strainers Y Strainers
    The Y-Strainer is a new product from Cash Acme that utilizes a wire mesh screen to actively remove small solid particles from the flow of liquids or gases. The bronze Y-Strainer is rated to 150 WOG. May be installed vertically or horizontally in the system. Threaded NPT connection.

    Y Strainers

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