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Hayward True Union PVC/EPDM Solenoid Valves

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Hayward True Union PVC/EPDM Solenoid Valves

No Pressure Differential Design: For maximum application flexibility these heavy duty solenoid valves have been designed so that no pressure differential is needed for them to operate reliably. Their unique design eliminates problems such as sticking and "chattering" due to system pressure differentials that can effect ordinary solenoid valves. And their performance is not affected by downstream restrictions caused by nozzles, flow meters or other equipment. This is a real benefit in these types of applications. The valve will operate with up to 40 PSI of backpressure and up to 120 PSI of inlet pressure. There are no minimum pressure requirements.
Normally Closed Operation: When electric power is applied to the solenoid, the electromagnetic coil is energized, opening the valve. When the coil is de-energized, the valve closes.
Innovative Coil Design: Unique in design, the valve coil rectifies AC current to DC current, resulting in lower coil operating temperatures than other plastic solenoid valves. This permits the coil to be rated for 100% continuous duty applications. Thus, the valve can be left in the open position indefinitely or it can be cycled continuously with no coil damage.
Unique Seal Cartridge: Hayward Solenoid Valves feature an easy to replace seal cartridge. No fumbling with small parts and o-rings to replace worn seals. Just install the one-piece cartridge containing the plunger assembly and all of the seals.
Corrosion Resistant Coil: The powerful coil assembly and electronics are completely encapsulated in a molded polyester housing, resistant to the harsh corrosive environments to which solenoid valves are often exposed.
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