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Stainless Steel 7/16 O.D. Faucet Connectors

Stainless Steel Flex Lines/Water Connectors

Stainless Steel 7/16" O.D. Faucet Connectors

Features and Benefits
•  304 Series Corrugated Stainless Steel.
•  Ease of Installation Saves Time & Money.
•  No Rubber or Plastic Hose to Reduce Flow.
•  Largest Inner Diameter for required GPM.
•  No Deformity in Curvature Will Hold Bend.
•  Manufactured to US Military/Aerospace specifications.

Highest Quality Construction & Materials
•  Re-Usable and Re-Bendable.
•  Stronger & More Flexible Than Copper.
•  Copper & 30% More than LSP/Aquaflo.
•  Will Not Discolor, Corrode Or Rust.
•  No Galvanic Effect No Dielectric Union Needed.
•  Lifetime Warranty (Against Mfg Defect).
•  Available In Sizes from 3/8" To 2" I.D.
•  In Various Lengths for Most Water Flowing Applications and Appliances.
•  All Fittings Chrome Plated Solid Brass.
•  Will Not Crimp or Kink.
•  Resists Work Hardening.
•  Burst Pressure Rated Up To 2200 psi.
•  High Temp EPDM Washer (40° to 300°F).
•  100% Leak Tested.
•  Many appliance manufacturers require that flexible connectors be used when installing their products or the.
•  Warranty is void.
•  Water Flowing Appliances REQUIRE FULL FLOW to ensure appliance operates at the rate for which it was designed.
•  Appliances last longer and operate at optimum performance when maximum flow is obtained.
•  Settling of heavy water appliances, that are hard-piped with copper or CPVC, can damage the installation causing leaks.
•  Using Stainless connectors will eliminate damage to the connection ensuring a secure installation.

Code Requirements
Satisfy Inspector & Code Requirements
•  UPC
•  IPC
•  IMC
•  IRC
•  State of Wisconsin
•  L.A. City
•  South Texas
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