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Sterilight S64-RL UV Lamp

Sterilight S64-RL UV Lamp
Sterilight S64-RL UV Lamp
Item #:BB-S64RL
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Fits SUV 225P-800P

Replacing the S64RL lamp in your R-Can Sterilight SUV is an important step towards ensuring the safety of the drinking water. As UV lamps (bulbs) age they lose intensity. Beyond 1 year of use the UV lamp may not have enough intensity to properly disinfect the water being purified. Its for this reason that R-Can recommends that UV lamps are replaced every year. If you use your ultraviolet (UV) system seasonally, such as in a cottage, you will need to replace the lamp (bulb) after 1 year of total running time.

Ultraviolet light water filters are a highly effective way to protect your water supply from bacteria, viruses, cysts, and many other organisms. Ultraviolet (UV) systems use a specialized UV lamp (bulb) that produces high quantities of damaging ultraviolet light. Any organisms passing by the light are destroyed. Ultraviolet systems do not add any dangerous chemicals to the water and are very easy to install and maintain.

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