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Water Softeners & Carbon Filters

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Water Softeners & Carbon Filters

The Spring Water - 2 has a 60 lbs. blend of high grade coconut shell carbon and coal based carbon in a 12" X 52" tank. With twice as much carbon as the Spring Water 1 system, contact time is increase allowing for a higher percentage remo...
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Big Brand Water Filter water softeners are manufactured in the USA using the highest quality components available. We build your water softener based on your water usage patterns and the total hardness. Hardness is commonly measured in grains per gallon (gpg). You may see water softeners rated as 32,000 grains. The more grains of hardness your water has, the more frequently the water softener needs to regenerate. It is important to size your softener properly to prevent excessive regeneration. We make water softeners for restaurants, car washes, apartments, and homes. Call for information.
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