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10" Big Blue Ceramic .4 Micron System

10" Big Blue Ceramic .4 Micron System
10" Big Blue Ceramic .4 Micron System
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These ceramic candle systems can be integrated into any of our 10 or 20 Big Blue filter systems. It is strongly recommended that you have a 1 micron sediment filter before this setup to prevent frequent plugging.

The ceramic candles can be cleaned and reused many times. The ceramics catch suspended particulate on the surface and are very efficent at removing suspended solids, but dont have the high capacity of our melt blown or pleated filter cartridges.

A nice setup is the FS20B-3 with the third housing converted to the candle setup, 1 micron first filter and carbon block second filter.

The ceramic of a filter candle is cast in such a way that it has one domed closed end. The other end of the ceramic is open. This open end is closed off with a food grade plastic mount, which enables the candle to fit into a filter housing. Water passes from the outside of the candle to the inside, leaving particles of dirt, bacteria, etc. on the outside of the ceramic. The filtered water then passes out of the candle through the mount.

It is recommended that you install a 1 micron nominal pleated polyester pre-filer cartridge in front of the Doulton Ceramic Candle assembly. This reduces ceramic candles cleaning frequency.

6 Sterasyl ceramic elements for sub-micron fine filtration for removal of pathogenic bacteria such as E. Coli, Cholera, Typhoid, Salmonella, Cryptosporidium, Giardia etc. Ceramic elements are cleanable and reusable for over 50 times.

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