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Dow HCR-SS Water Softener Resin 1 ft³

Dow HCR-SS Water Softener Resin

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Item #: HCR-SS
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Common tank sizes and the amount of resin required:
7" by 35" 0.5 cubic feet
8" by 40" 3/4 cubic feet
9" by 48" 1 cubic feet
10 by 54" 1.5 cubic feet
12" by 52" 2.0 cubic feet
13" by 54" 2.5 cubic feet
14" by 65" 3.0 cubic feet
16" by 16" 4.0 cubic feet
18" by 65" 6.5 cubic feet

Resin should fill the tank about 2/3 full. This leaves freeboard space to backwash.

DOWEX™ HCR-S/S cation exchange resin is a high capacity resin with excellent kinetics and good physical, chemical and thermal stability. DOWEX HCR-S/S is used for domestic applications in the co-current mode of regeneration. For counter-current regeneration, DOWEX HCR-S/S CR is available.

Maximum operating temperature 120°C (250°F)

pH range 0 - 14

Bed depth, min. 800 mm (2.6 ft)

Flow rates:
Service/fast rinse 5 - 50 m/h (2 - 20 gpm/ft2)
Co-current regeneration/displacement rinse 1- 10 m/h (0.4 - 4 gpm /ft2)

Total rinse requirement 3- 6 Bed volumes

Regenerant:8 - 12% NaCl

DOWEX HCR-S/S is a strong acid cation exchange resin with gaussian (conventional) particle size distribution. Like DOWEX HCR-S, it is based on a styrene-divinylbenzene copolymer matrix with sulfonate functional groups. The 7% divinylbenzene content yields a resin with good capacity and highly efficient regeneration. DOWEX HCR-S/S resin is used in home water softeners. It can operate over the entire pH range under high flow rate conditions and at high temperatures. The high regeneration effectively minimizes the salt usage.

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