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MRS-20 Mineral Reduction System

MRS-20 Mineral Reduction System
MRS-20 Mineral Reduction System
Item #:EV9797-91
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Model # EV9797-91


Improves equipment life and performance byremoving at least 90%+ of all dissolved solidsthat cause scale build-up.

Protects against taste and odor causingcontaminants while removing dirt, particulatesand dissolved minerals.

Less frequent deliming of equipment meansreduced maintenance and service costs.

Sanitary cartridge replacement is simple, quickand clean. Internal filter parts are never exposedto handling or contamination.

Two-part design makes installation flexible, andsmall footprint easily fits in any kitchen.

Easy to operate system has no moving parts andrequires no electrical power.

System includes mineral reduction processor,carbon filter cartidge, reverse osmosis cartridge,storage tank and pressure regulator assembly.

No monitoring of grains per gallons is necessary.System removes scale reducing minerals regardlessof the GPG.

A complete mineral reduction water processing system for low volume foodservice applications such as flash steamers, coffee and espresso machines.

Removes particulates, taste and odor, and dissolved minerals to prevent fouling and reduce maintenance and down-time.

Approximately 20 gpd nominal consumption.

Includes mineral reduction processor, carbon filter cartridge, mineral reduction cartridge and storage tank. Sanitary quick-change design makes maintenance easy.

Capacity: 25 gpd @ 50 psig; 77O F inlet water Flow Rate: Certifications: Pack Size: 1

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