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Exubera Sparkling and Chilled Water Appliance

Exubera Sparkling and Chilled Water Appliance
Exubera Sparkling and Chilled Water Appliance
Item #:EV9618-60
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Model # EV9618-60

Everpure Exubera Carbonated Water & Water Chiller Appliance Specs:
Capacity: 6.6 gallons per hour
Temperature Output: 37.4F to 50F
Room Temperature: Min 50F Max 113F
Tank Volume: 0.7 gallons
Main Water Inlet: 1/4
CO2 Inlet: 1/4
Get luxuriously chilled carbonated or still drinking water at the tap with the Exubera Sparkling and Chilled water appliance. The perfect complement to an Everpure filtration system, the Exubera delivers the best-tasting ice-cold, carbonated--or still--water instantly. Its easy to adjust the amount of fizziness in the carbonated water by simply adjusting the regulator on the CO2 canister.

The Exubera features:

Provides large quantities of sparkling bubbly water with adjustable carbonation level. The capacity to deliver 6.6 gallons carbonated and still water per hour, and chill to an ideal temperature of 40F. Whisper-quiet, hermetically sealed, maintenance-free compressor, uses an ozone-friendly R134a refrigerant and consumes only 350 watts of electricity Compact unit is easy to hide in any kitchen cabinet or wet bar The Exubera Sparkling and Still Chilled Water Appliance must be used with the Everpure Exubera faucet or the three way bar faucet.

Requires CO2 cylinder to provide carbonation. Click here to order disposable CO2 cylinder (EV931862) $99.99 [ship wt. = 7 lbs.]

Due to federal regulations this item requires ground shipment.

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