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Water Pressure Gauges

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Big Brand offers water pressure gauges in a vareity of configurations and pressure ratings. Water pressure gauges can have brass or stainless steel threads with a stainless steel case. We also offer high precision liquid filled gauges in addition to economy models. We carry top brand names including Ashcroft gauges and Wika gauges and can custom configure your water pressure gauge for all types of industrial applications.
We have pressure gauges in 1/4'''' and 1/2'''' male pipe thread primarily for convenience. Filter housings tend to have 1/4'''' female thread for 1/4'''' male pressure gauges. If you want to install gauges on a 1'''' or larger piping system often a Tee fitting that reduces to 1/4'''' is not available but 1/2'''' is common. We have many customers who wonder why their gauges are ruined in a few months. Many liquids including high purity water, sea water, solvents and chemicals will destroy pressure gauges. This is why we offer pressure gauge guards. The gauge gaurd has a diaphram inside that allows the gauge the read pressure while remaining separated from the fluid. Don't let your investment in high quality gauges go to waste by not installing the proper gauge guard.

Water Pressure Gauges

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