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Grundfos 0-125GPM 20HP 287Max-PSI, "Multistage Centrifugal Pump"

Grundfos 0-125GPM 20HP 287Max-PSI, "Multistage Centrifugal Pump"
Grundfos 0-125GPM 20HP 287Max-PSI, ANSI-Flanges w/RO "Multistage Centrifugal Pump"
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MODEL#: CRN15-10
316 Stainless Steel, ANSI Flanged,2, 300 lb.

(Recommended to purchase matching fitting set, see Accessories Tab)

Most efficient at flow rate from 45 gpm to 125 gpm
and pressure from 160 psi to 277 psi (approximate numbers).

CRN Series are Recommended for Use in
Ultra-filtration systems
Reverse osmosis systems
Softening, ion exchange, demineralizing systems
Distillation systems
Swimming pools

CR pumps are suitable for a variety of applications frompumping of potable water to pumping of chemicals. Thepumps are therefore used in a wide variety of pumpingsystems where the performance and material of thepump meet specific demands.

The CR pumps consist of two main components: themotor and the pump unit. The motor on a CR pump is aheavy-duty Grundfos specified motor.The pump unit consists of optimized hydraulics, varioustypes of connections, an outer sleeve, a top and variousother parts.

The in-line design enables the pump to beinstalled in a horizontal one-pipe system where thesuction and discharge ports are in the same horizontalplane and have the same pipe dimensions. This designprovides a more compact pump design and pipework.Grundfos CR pumps come with various pump sizes andvarious numbers of stages to provide the flow and thepressure required.


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