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Harmsco Waterbetter WB170SC-2

Harmsco Waterbetter WB170SC-2
Harmsco Waterbetter WB170SC-2
Item #:WB170SC-2
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Trapped air is automatically purged due to principalof up-flow filtration. Filtered liquid exits the filter at the hightest point, as it is filtered. A secure top plateprevents cross contamination of filtered and unfilteredliquid. This patented up-flow design allows Harmsco toutilize 100% of cartridge surface area, providing efficientfiltration. Filter efficiencies are dramatically improved toprovide longer filter runs and reduced filtration costs.Harmsco Hurricane filter cartridges for the Waterbetter filters are available in a wide range of micron ratings andmay be cleaned and re-used in most applications andmost micron ratings.

Product features include:

316 stainless steel filter housings

Electro-polished for superior finish

Resistant coatings available

Fail-safe lids with individual studs for security

Brass wing-nuts for convenience

CPVC standpipe for up-flow design

Choice of cartridges available

Filter Systems
HC/170-150 Filter Cartridge
HC/170-100 Filter Cartridge
HC/170-50 Filter Cartridge
HC/170-20 Filter Cartridge
HC/170-10 Filter Cartridge
HC/170-5 Filter Cartridge
HC/170-1 Filter Cartridge

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