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Harmsco HIF-7 Upflow Filter Housing 30 gpm

Harmsco HIF-7 Upflow Filter Housing 30 gpm
Harmsco HIF-7 Upflow Filter Housing 30 gpm
Item #:HIF-7
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Rugged 304 stainless steel construction (316 optional)
Electro-polished for increased resistance to corrosion
Extensive choice of cartridge micron ratings and mediaincluding carbon
Flow rates to 800 GPM
Pressure rated to 150 psi and hydrostatically tested
Individual studs for safe, secure lid closure
Easy cartridge installation, removal and service
Optional high temperature ratings
Chemical resistant coating optional

Filter vessel & metal components -- 304 stainless steel, electropolished for increased resistance to corrosion.

Holding rods, lifting rods & standpipes -- CPVC, standard models; 304 stainless steel, All-Stainless models

Pipe caps CPVC, standard models; 304 stainless steel, All-Stainless models.

Rim gaskets -- EPDM, standard. Buna-N and Viton available.

O-Rings -- Buna-N, standard. EPDM and Viton available.

Bottom seals -- Natural gum rubber, standard. EPDM and Buna-N available.

Wing nuts Brass. -- (Brass hex nuts and stainless steel flat washers available.)

Temperature Rated to 140 F degrees (60 C degrees) with CPVC rods, pipe caps, standpipes and standard Harmsco cartridges.

To 200 F degrees (93 C degrees) for all stainless models with stainless steel rods, pipe caps and standpipes and Harmsco

High-Temp cartridges. Temperature limits vary and depend on pressure and time under load.

Pressure Rated for pressures to 150 psi (10 bar) maximum.

Flow Up to 800 GPM (Typical flow rates are 4-6 GPM per single length (9-3/4 ) Harmsco cartridge.

Published data is for guidelines only. Please consult pressure drop charts.)

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