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When you use KDF 55 Process Mediumahead of the granular activated carbon(GAC) stage in point-of-use (POU) waterfilters, you do three things:One, you offer your customers a lot lessthan theyre used to: Less bacteria Less free chlorine Less heavy metal content Less scale buildup Less filter maintenanceTwo, you enhance the performance ofthe carbon.Three, you also extend the useful lifeof the carbon.Proprietary Process MediaThe full line of KDF Process Media isso unique that it is protected by 15US patents and numerous foreignpatents. That doesnt include thepatents currently pending. We haveno direct competition because thereis nothing else quite like KDFProcess Media.No one elseand we stress noone elsecan offer you and yourcustomers the purity or all of thebenefits of using KDF Process Media.Period. In addition to KDF 55 ProcessMedium for POU water filters, KDF FluidTreatment, Inc. manufactures KDF ProcessMedia in other forms for other specific waterfiltration applications.How KDF 55Process Medium WorksKDF 55 Process Medium is a high-puritycopper-zinc alloy. When used in a watertreatment unit, it undergoes a chemicalprocess known as redox. Redox is short foroxidation-reduction, which is a chemicalreaction where electrons are transferredbetween molecules. In some cases, such asfree chlorine, this transfer results in theformation of benign substances, such aschloride in this case, which then passesthrough the filter. In a similar way, copper,lead, mercury, and other heavy metals reactto plate out onto the mediums surfaceeffectively being removed from the watersupply. KDF 55 Process Medium is soeffective that it removes up to 98% ofinorganic water-soluble heavy metals thatare a concern to many public health officialsand many consumers.In addition, KDF 55 Process Mediumcontrols microorganisms and reduces limescale in problem areas like showers andtubs. KDF 55 Process Medium evenchanges waterborne calcium molecules thatinhibit scale buildup and improves the tasteof some of your favorite beverages.

Ahead Of The Carbon,Ahead Of The Game

KDF 55 Process Medium is the idealcomplement to GAC. Because GAC removeschlorine by surface chemistry, it actuallyfosters bacterial growth. But, unlike carbon,KDF 55 Process Medium is truly bacteriostatic.The electrolytic field created by theredox process is an environment deadly tosome microorganisms; it also createshydroxyl radicals and hydrogen peroxidesthat interfere with the ability of some othermicroorganisms to function.


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