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4091gph Kynar (PVDF) Mazzei Injector - 4"

4091gph Kynar (PVDF) Mazzei Injector - 4"
4091gph Kynar (PVDF) Mazzei Injector - 4"
Item #:4091-PVDF
Sale Price:$959.00
Reg Price:$1,086.34
You Save:$127.34(12%)

Special Features
        •  NEW INTERNAL VANES are positioned to maximize injector efficiency, suction capacity, and mixing capabilities
        •  TROUBLE-FREE OPERATION with no moving parts
        •  PROVEN PERFORMANCE with years of expected service
        •  No electrical connections needed
        •  Can run dry with no problems
        •  Considerable cost savings versus other injection methods
        •  Safe to use as the chemicals are under vacuum, not pressure
        •  Constant injection of assures UNIFORM DISTRIBUTION OF MATERIAL
        •  LONG PRODUCT LIFE constructed of strong, chemical-resistant PVDF (KYNAR and HYLAR ) with a 5-year warranty or POLYPROPYLENE with a 1-year warranty.
        •  ISO-R (BSPT) threads available in PVDF models

PVDF advantages:
        •  PVDF is an advanced thermoplastic that is superior to other types including PVC, Polypropylene, & Polyethylene
        •  Stronger/Higher pressure and temperature handling capabilities
        •  Resistant to ozone
        •  Greater chemical resistance / Resistant to Chlorine, Sulfuric and Nitric Acids
        •  Abrasion and wear resistant
        •  Sunlight (UV) resistant

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