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Clack Filter Sand

Clack Filter Sand
Clack Filter Sand
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Clack Filter Sand and Gravel arenaturally occurring, river washed,glacial deposit products. Their excellentchemical properties - high silica contentand low soluble calcium, magnesiumand iron compounds - meet AWWAB100-96 specifications. Precision sizingand uniform grading to close limits meetthe rigid specifications of professionalengineers throughout the world.For over 80 years Clack Filter Sandand Gravel have been satisfying therequirements of industrial, municipaland residential users. These productshave been specified and used nationallyand internationally because of their highquality, desirable chemical properties,color, and wide range of precision sizing.Processing and regular analysis ofproduction are supervised by registeredprofessional engineers.Clack Filter Sand is graded specificallyfor water filtration plants. It can be usedin municipal, industrial or residentialapplications for sediment filtration.Clack Uncrushed Gravel has a highlyspherical shape that promotes good flowand even distribution in support beds.Gravel is low in soluble impurities andit will maintain the quality of the treatedwater, especially in softeners. Three inchlayers are recommended in graded supportbeds.


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