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Harmsco PP-BB-20-1 Poly Pleat Filter

PP-BB-20-1 Poly Pleat Filter

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Filter size: (20'' x 4-1/2'')

It’s the Law!
When the U.S. Congress approved legislation toughen¬ing regulations designed to protect our nation’s drinking water, the President subsequently signed a bill authoriz¬ing funds to improve deteriorating municipal and rural water systems.Part of this comprehensive legislation calls for the EPA to establish more stringent standards to control cryptospo¬ridium, giardia cysts and other common drinking water contaminants that pose significant risks.To date, the best known method to control in water is through the use of microfiltration, or employment of absolute rated filter cartridges fine enough to remove cyst-sized particles. Surface waters are most susceptible because animals live nearby, contributing to the cyst pop¬ulation found in water. For this reason, water treatment rules have been established to regulate drinking water taken from reservoirs, lakes, rivers, ponds and streams.

POLY-PLEAT™ Cartridges... for Cyst-free Drinking Water
Absolute rated POLY-PLEAT™ cartridges meet or exceed the three-log (99.9%) removal requirements described in National Sanitation Foundation Standard 53 for cyst-sized particles. For this reason, POLY-PLEAT™ filter cartridges are ideal to control cryptosporidium, giardia cysts and other harmful microorganisms to help ensure cyst-free drinking water.

Independent Lab Validated
To demonstrate the performance of POLY-PLEAT™ cartridges and Harmsco® filter housings, Analytical Ser¬vices, Inc., a highly respected independent testing facil¬ity, was selected to conduct challenge studies using live organisms. The challenge system was composed of a reservoir, pump, static mixer, pressure gauges and chal¬lenge bleed-off assembly. The test protocol has been reviewed and approved by leading states in the country and is considered the most stringent method used for cyst reduction testing.The protocol includes two separate spikes on two dif¬ferent but identical test filters using live giardia lamblia cysts and cryptosporidium parvum oocyst. An initial giardia/cryptosporidium spike is performed early in the filter run to document the filter’s efficiency. After injection of the challenge organisms, test samples are collected in two phases during an uninterrupted 36-hour run. During the first sampling phase of 1-18 hours, calibrated side-stream samples were collected from both the influent and the effluent of the test filter. Because no cysts are injected during the second phase, only effluent samples are col¬lected during the 19-36 hour test period.Results of the 19-36 hour challenge tests are as follows:

Features & Benefits
✔ Absolute rated one micron filter media removes cyst-sized particles for safe, cyst-free drinking water.
✔ Pleated polypropylene filter media provides more surface area for longer filter life and increased particle removal.
✔ FDA listed materials for use in potable water and liquid food applications.
✔ End caps, center tubes and media are thermally bonded as one integral component for added strength and to provide superior end sealing.
✔ Full product line for standard, Big-Blue and Hurricane® filter housings.
✔ Economical cartridges from the value leader in the industry!

Micron ratings: One micron absolute for cryptosporidium and giardia cysts.

Filter media: Meltblown polypropylene inner layer with outer layers of polypropylene scrim material for support.

Center tubes: Rigid PVC with perforations, or molded polypropylene.

End caps: Pliable PVC with sealing surface built-in.Temperature: 140°F / 60°C temperature limit.

*Flow rates: Up to 6 GPM per 9-3/4” standard cartridge. For Big-Blue and Hurricane® cartridges, flow rates are limited by the housing used.

Netting: Polypropylene netting standard for 2-3/4” O.D.; Big-Blue cartridges use polyethylene netting.

Shrink wrap: Standard for all POLY-PLEAT™ cartridges. *Temperature limits vary and depend on pressure and time under load.

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