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Female Reinforced Adaptor-SxSR FPT 2inch

Female Reinforced Adaptor-SxSR FPT 2inch
Female Reinforced Adaptor-SxSR FPT 2inch
Item #:835-020SR
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Special order. No cancelations or returns. 3-10 day lead time.
Schedule 80 PVC Female Reinforced Adaptor
- Socket x Special Reinforced x FPT with Stainless Steel Collar

Improved Sealing Capability
Since fi tting expansion is contained, thread contact andcorresponding seal is improved.
Excellent Plastic-to-Metal Transition
Fitting • Without Pressure De-RatingSpears patented SR design and manufacturing process allowsdirect connection to threaded metal pipe through one simpleadapter. Superior Strength of the SR Fitting eliminates the needfor pressure de-ratings in system transitions normally associatedwith traditional non-reinforced plastic threaded fi ttings. Materialthermal expansion/contraction differences are equalized by therestraining collar. You get low cost, worry-free plastic-to-metaltransitions every time.
Full ASTM Schedule 80 Conformance
All SR Fittings conform to either ASTM D 2467 (PVC) or F 439(CPVC) dimensional and hydrostatic pressure test requirements.
Chemical & Corrosion Resistant
SR Fittings are produced in PVC White, PVC Gray and IndustrialCPVC thermoplastic compounds for superior chemical andcorrosion resistance to system fl uids. External special reinforcingring provides excellent resistance to corrosive environments.
Versatile 1/4• through 4• Size Availability
Spears SR Fittings are available in slip socket, spigot andreducing confi gurations of female adapters, tees, 90• ells andunions.
Potable Water Approved
Certifi ed by NSF International. Lead-free thermoplasticcompounds are safe for use in drinking water systems.


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