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Roebic K-57 Septic System Cleaner 1 Quart

Roebic K-57 Septic System Cleaner 1 Quart
Roebic K-57 Septic System Cleaner 1 Quart
Item #:K-57
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Consider the Big Brand Water Filter Bio Plumber Septic and Drain Treatment versus K-57 Septic System Cleaner. K-57 is used to correct systems that are overworked and sluggish.

Made up of special bacteria, K- 57 Septic System Cleaner provides a concentrated attack on clogged areas relieving overloaded septic tanks, cesspools and drainfields. Available in quarts, half gallons and gallons.

K-57 Septic System Cleaner is a powerful biological product which is formulated with our patented bacterial cultures. K-57 is powerful enough to act quickly in emergency situations where sluggish conditions, clogs, surface water accumulations, or back-ups have occurred.

Over the last 50 years, K-57 has seen it all regarding septic system problems and has restored countless systems to useful working order. If your system is giving you trouble, get Roebic K-57 and get it done!


Treats 500 Gallons

Half Gallon

Treats 1000 Gallons


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