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Tanex Tannin Reduction Resin

Tanex Tannin Reduction Resin
Tanex Tannin Reduction Resin
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TANNINS/COLOR REMOVAL - As mentioned in detail in PURONEWS - Volume 1 Issue 12 - December 2001 Tannins caused color is a light yellow to a weak tea color. It causes similar color stains on fixtures, tubs, toilets and sinks. It is sometimes mistaken for Iron staining. Tannins are removed by Strong Base Anion (SBA) ion exchange resins that have been specially manufactured for that purpose. PUROLITE offers the following resins:





TANEX is my choice because it works on any form of Tannins where the others dont always work because, we believe, of the different forms Tannins can be in. All of these are easily regenerated with salt. Either NaCl or KCl. The typical salt dose is 8 • 10 lbs per cubic foot of resin. Water Hardness should be reduced if it exceeds 10 gpg. Iron content should be less than 1 ppm. The resin can be loaded into and used with a standard water softener unit with the following modifications:

1. Reduce Backwash Flow rate by 30 - 50%

2. Double the backwash time.

3. Use an inlet basket Strainer or a Fine Slotted inlet manifold.

If the water Hardness is 10 gpg or less you can top dress a water softener with these resins. A minimum 6 bed depth of the SBA resin should be used. Remove the equal amount of softening resin from the unit. Follow the modifications listed above.


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