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XLR 30 Ecoray™ Style UV Lamp XLR 30 UV Lamp

XLR 30 UV Lamp - 6101277

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Item #: BB-XLR30
Reg Price: $391.99
Sale Price: $266.00
You Save: 32%
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Interchangeable with part # 6103408 and 6101277 UV Lamps.
Fits TAK-55, LBX-400, LBX 550 and other waste treatment systems. Also fits CHI-80HF, CHI-100HF, CHI-200HF, CHI-280HF, CHI-400HF, CHI-650HF UV Systems

This lamp is used in TAK 55 open channel waste water treatment and LBX series closed chamber UV Disinfection systems. These lamps are Wedeco Ecoray ™ style and are to be used in systems that call for Wedeco Ecoray ™ style lamps. Ecoray™ lamps have less mercury content while having the same UV output.

Warranty: 12,000 hours.
Made in USA.
Ecoray™ is a trademark of Wedeco/Xylem UV

Lamp Power: 330 Watts
Lamp Type: Amalgam
UVC Output: 140 Watts
Lamp Length: 1512 mm
Lamp Diameter: 28 mm

Big Brand Water Filter High Intensity, Low Pressure Amalgam (Lo-Hi) UV lamps are high power, monochromatic lamps offering up to three times the intensity of Lo-Lo lamps per unit length at the optimum UV wavelength (254 nm) for disinfection. The result for customers is maximum performance with reduced operating costs in a very compact design. This is the most energy efficient lamp on the market.

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