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20 Big Blue

Water Treatment Chemicals

Big Brand 20" Big Blue Filter Cartridges

Big Brand 20" Big Blue Acid Washed Coal Based Carbon Filters feature the highest grade of coal based carbon available. Acid washing removes ash content, adds about 5% more capacity and prevents pH spiking that typically occures with carbo...
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Big Blue filters come in 10" and 20" lengths. All big blue filters are 4 1/2 to 4 5/8" in diameter. Big blue filters are available in sediment, carbon and specialty configurations.
  • Carbon Filter Cartridges Carbon Filter Cartridges
    20" Big Blue Carbon Filters from Big Brand are manufactured using high grade hand selected carbons for each specialilzed appliation. Coconut shell has a small pore structure and has a high capacity for chlorine reduction and VOC reduction. Coal based carbon is excellent for taste, odor, and color reduction caused by naturally occuring decaying plant and animal matter. Our proprietary chloramine reduction carbon is specially engineered to reduce chloramines that pass through ordinary commercially available carbon block and granular activated carbon filter cartridges.

    20" Big Blue Carbon Filters

  • Melt Blown Poly Filter Cartridges Melt Blown Poly Filter Cartridges
    20" Big Blue Melt Blown Poly Filters Big Brand 1000 Series Filters- 100% Pure Polypropylene, Zero additives!
    1 micron absolute 99.98% removal at 1 micron.
    HE - High Efficiency 1 and 5 micron filters 90% removal at their micron ratings.
    20 and 50 micron nominal rated cartridges approximately 80% removal at the stated micron rating.
    These filters contain no silicone or lubricants like string wound filters. Big Brand spun poly filters feature a unique thermally bonded microfiber construction process.
    The result is a high capacity pure polypropylene bacterially resistant filter all at very reasonable price! These filters have more bacterial resistance than our high capacity pleated filters above.
  • Pleated Sediment Filter Cartridges Pleated Sediment Filter Cartridges
    Big Brand Water Filter, Inc. High Capacity big blue filters have more media than the other guys. A full 50% more pleats than the leading competitor! Our pleated high capacity big blue sediment water filters can be washed and reused in applications were larger particles like sand are being removed. When used for clays or other smaller suspended solids these filter may not wash as effectively. Big Brand Water Filter recommends pleated filters for chlorinated water supplies. These filters may develop odors and iron bacteria on well water supplies. The 1 micron absolute is the exception to the rule. It is pure polypropylene so it can be used on chlorinated or non-chlorinated water supplies.
  • Specialty Filters Specialty Filters
    Big Brand manufactures a wide variety of big blue filters in house. We have chloramine reduction carbon filters, granular activated carbon combined with phosphate anti-scalant, activated carbon combined with calcity for pH correction. water softening cartridges, deionization cartridges and more.

    20" Big Blue Specialty Filters

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