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Hayward 2 1/2" PVC Lateral 3-way Ball Valves Socket FPM

Hayward 2 1/2" PVC Lateral 3-way Ball Valves Socket FPM
Hayward 2&1/2" PVC Lateral Three-Way Ball Valves Socket FPM
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Lateral Flow Patterns
Hayward Lateral Valves come standard witha ball that permits the flow to be divertedfrom the center port to either the left or rightports: there is no Off position.

Solid Actuator MountingDesign
For rock-solid actuator mounting, the valveincorporates a unique design whereby themounting bracket mounts directly to thevalve body. This assures proper alignment ofthe actuator to the valve without creatingany damaging side loads to cause prematurestem seal failure.

No Metal, No Corrosion
Hayward all-plastic Lateral Valves containno metal parts. The valves will never failbecause of corrosion and they do notrequire painting or epoxy coating to standup to aggressive environments.

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