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Big Blue Whole House Water Filter Systems

Big Blue Whole House Water Filter Systems come in 10" and 20" hieght and in single, double and triple filter configurations. The 20" Big Blue Whole House Water Treatment System will give double the flow of the 10" at the same pressure drop. Housings are available with 3/4", 1" or 1 1/2" connections. WHY BIG BLUE SYSTEMS ARE BETTER
Customers who have purchased a standard 2 1/2" by 9 7/8" filter from retail chain stores often call and complain about short filter life and low flowrate.
The formula for volume of a cylinder = PI*r squared.
A standard slimline water filter is 2 1/2" in diameter while a big blue filter is between 4 1/2" and 4 5/8" in diameter.
A slimline filter has a volume of 4.9 cubic inches. A 4 1/2" Big Blue filter has a volume of 15.9 cubic inches,nearly three and a half times the volume!!
That equates to over triple the filter life and flowrate.

Big Blue Water Filter Systems

  • Single 20 Big Blue Water Filter System Single 20 Big Blue Water Filter System
    The 20" single system is a versatile filter system. The filter housing comes in your choice of 3/4”, 1” or 1 1/2” connections and accepts all popular jumbo and big blue 20” cartridges. It comes with your choice of pleated, melt blown or string wound sediment filter ifrom 1-50 microns. This is the correct size filter housing to install on a whole house. Frequently we get customers who have installed a 10” slimline filter housing on the whole house and have to change the sediment filter once a week due to the fact that the slimline systems are too small for a whole house. This system will have seven times the flow and capacity versus a 10” slimline system. Pictured with optional stainless steel bracket.
  • Springwater Triple 20 Filter System Springwater Triple 20 Filter System
    The 20" triple water treatment system features three 20" jumbo housings, 5 micron sediment water filter, carbon block second filter and a coconut shell carbon block thrid filter. The system comes with triple bracket, 0.5 tube of FDA/NSF certified o-ring lubricant and a filter wrench. The combination of coal and coconut carbon enhances reduction of a broad range of organics. This water treatment system is ideal for taste, odor, color, chlorine, and suspended solids reduction on city and well supplies. This system provides a foundation water treatment approach that can be built upon in years to come. You can add a UV water treatment system after the triple big blue water filter system to disinfect the water. We have three optional uv water disinfection systems listed, the Trojan UV Max C for added protection on city water, the ITT DLR-7AP for high flow rate city water, and the Trojan UV Max Pro 15 NSF certified UV water treatment system for wells that have tested positive for coliform bacteria. If you have tested positive for coliform bacteria we recommend you run the 1 micron absolute first water filter for added protection. Bacteria and viruses tend to cling to particulate matter in your water. Using a finer prefilter removes suspended solids allowing uv systems to be more effective due to improved uv transmisivity. You can put a water softener in front of this treatment system to soften the water. This system make an excellent pre-filtration setup for commercial reverse osmosis systems up to 1000 gpd. The standard water filters are good for most homes. If you have custom showers with multiple heads/body sprays get the RFC water filter upgrades. These are the highest flowing carbon water filters on the market.
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