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Big Brand 1/2 HP Whole House Pressure Booster

Big Brand 1/2 HP Whole House Pressure Booster
Big Brand 1/2 HP Whole House Pressure Booster
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Big Brand Water Filter whole house booster pumps are more reliable and have far more flexibility than any other pump of this type on the market.

First off the pressure switch is adjustable for when the pump turns on. This allows you to make the pump operate according you your conditions. Maybe you have an atmospheric storage tank and just a few psi. The switch can be adjusted for that. In addition there is a built in flow switch that turns on when flow is greater than 0.7 gpm, then shuts off when flow is below 0.3 gpm. This switch is adjustable also.

Finally we put the air valve for the bladder tank where it is most convenient on the end of the pump so you can adjust the tank to just below your incoming line pressure to be most effective.

Optionally you can install an external bladder tank to reduce pump cycling and continuous running. This can save electricity and reduce wear on the pump.

Max inlet pressure ( 30 psi )

Max Pump pressure (40 psi)

Total pressure with 30 psi inlet plus 40 psi boost is 70 psi

Preset Inlet pressure ( 26 psi )

Flow rate avg. ( 9 to 15 gpm @ 45-55 psi )

Please review the PB-50 manual download in the manuals tab.


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