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Cash Acme Plumbing and Water Pressure Regulators

  • Cash Acme Water Pressure Regulators Cash Acme Water Pressure Regulators
    The EB25 water pressure regulator are ideal for household installations requiring an easy to adjust basic regulator valve. Inlet water pressure of up to 300 psi, outlet water pressure adjustable from 20-90 psi.
    Stainless steel and lead free bronze models.

    EB45 lead free bronze water pressure regulating valves have a traditional half cartridge design with separate spring chamber and adjusting screw.
    Supply line pressure does not exceed 300 psi (400 psi 1/2", 3/4", and 1"). Outlet pressure adjustable from 10-70 psi.
    Residential or commercial use. Cold or hot water up to 180 degrees F

    E3 lead free bronze all in one strainer, water hammer control, and water pressure regulating valve for cold or hot water up to 180 Degrees F, up to 300 psi inlet pressure. Outlet pressure adjustable from 20-70 psi. Low pressure (10-40 psi) and high pressure (71-150 psi) models are available also.
    Commercial and Residential use that require a fast acting higher capacity valve with better control of water pressure and surges.

    E41 pressure regulators for water and air are similar to the E-3 regulators. The E41 does not have a built in strainer like the E3. The E41 is ideal for applications where there is a separate strainer upstream or no pipeline strainer at all is required.
    E41 has a 300 psi maximum inlet pressure and 20-70 psi adjustable outlet pressure. Low and High pressure models are available like the E3 regulators.

    E56 Piston Type heavy duty water pressure regulator, inlets pressure up to 400 psi with adjustable outlet pressure from 15-125 psi. Optional springs for 15-50 psi, 40-60 psi, 50-110 psi and 80-125 psi are available also. Threaded and flanged connections are available for large commercial/industrial applications up to 3”.
    Large commercial and industrial water, air, light oil and gas (except steam) service installations.
  • Cash Acme Water Pressure Relief Valves Cash Acme Water Pressure Relief Valves
    Cash Acme is a world leader in temperature & water pressure relief valves. Used as a safety device on pressurized water heaters and cylinders, this Cash Acme line includes specialized ½" models and high capacity commercial products to 2". Cash Acme also has a complete range of pressure relief valves including ASME models for boiler application and models for a wide range of other applications.

    Cash Acme Water Pressure Relief Valves

  • Cash-Flo Backflow Prevention Cash-Flo Backflow Prevention
    Backflow prevention products protect a water supply by halting the reverse flow of water in the event of negative or decreased supply pressure. In doing so, any contaminants that may be downstream of the device cannot contaminate the water supply. Cash Acme’s range of backflow prevention devices includes hose connection vacuum breakers, dual check valves, vented dual checks and atmospheric vacuum breakers.

    Cash-Flo Backflow Prevention

  • Heatguard Thermostatic Mixing Valves Heatguard Thermostatic Mixing Valves
    The Cash Acme range of thermostatic products is second to none. Under the Heatguard® brand Cash Acme and its parent company Reliance Worldwide have an extensive product range in applications all around the world. The Cash Acme range includes mini-devices for control of temperature to a single electronic sensor faucet, up to large 2” master mixers for control of a whole building. The mainstays of the product line are our ½” to 1” under counter and residential distribution mixers. Cash Acme products and expertise can solve any temperature control problem, whether at the point-of-use or the heat source, or anywhere in between.

    Heatguard Thermostatic Mixing Valves

  • Masterguard Master Mixing Valves Masterguard Master Mixing Valves
    Fast acting, high quality thermostatic elements that sense the outlet temperature and react to maintain a stable delivery temperature even under varying and extremely low flows. The adjusting handle can be locked at a desired temperature. Each valve has integral mounting feet to allow it to be securely fixed to a wall or frame. Complete with 4 in 1 service fittings on each inlet. Every valve is factory tested.

    Masterguard Master Mixing Valves

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