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LFC Series Membranes

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Hydranautics LFC Low Fouling Composite Membranes

Hydranautics LFC Series Low Fouling Composite Membranes A new generation of low fouling elements: Hydranautics LFC1 - High rejection and productivity with high flux stability. Hydranautics LFC3 - Hydranautics� unique hydrophilic chemistry makes this the only true low-fouling membrane in the industry for applications which demand high-efficiency flow and the highest salt rejection. Superior membrane technology is the key to Hydranautics� innovative LFC (Low Fouling Composite) membrane. LFC membranes offer breakthrough technology in the treatment of difficult feedwaters, municipal wastewater and other challenging feedwaters. Until now, these applications have required significant pretreatment prior to subjecting them to a composite polyamide membrane. Combining the attributes of a neutral surface charge and hydrophilicity, LFC provides significant reduction in fouling rates, increasing membrane efficiency by restoring nominal performance after cleaning. The high performance LFC1 is ideal for municipal and industrial surface and wastewater applications where high rejection is required. New LFC3, ideal for municipal wastewater applications, is the only membrane in the industry that offers low fouling membrane chemistry with high efficiency flow and rejection characteristics. LFC3 offers 50% lower salt passage than the competition.
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Membrane Size (inches) Sq. Feet Test Pressure Flow (GPM) Rejection
LFC3-LD-4040 4.0 x 40 80 225 2,100 99.70%
LFC3-LD 8.0 x 40 400 225 11,000 99.70%
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Hydranautics LFC3-LD
Reg Price: $1,221.00
Sale Price: $832.50
Hydranautics LFC1-4040
Reg Price: $615.99
Sale Price: $390.15
Hydranautics LFC1-7
Reg Price: $1,355.19
Sale Price: $897.75
Hydranautics LFC3-4040
Reg Price: $677.59
Sale Price: $419.85
Hydranautics LFC3-7
Reg Price: $1,355.19
Sale Price: $912.60
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