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Plastomatic Series PRE Pressure Regulators

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Plastomatic Series PRE Pressure Regulators

Plastomatic True Blue® Pressure Regulators help you manage pressure "downstream" of the valve.

Uses of these versatile regulators...
• Prevent overpressure conditions to downstream equipment such as filters, sensitive tools, etc.
• Convert excessive or wildly fluctuating upstream pressure to a constant predetermined downstream pressure.
• Control pressure differential (Delta P) across downstream system equipment (Refer to Series PRD below).
• Regulate to the correct pressure range so that a flow system or piece of equipment can operate safely and efectively.

These valves have many outstanding features...
• Offer wide range of pressure settings with smooth, sensitive operation.
• Engineered thermoplastics for corrosive and ultra pure liquids.
• One piece body construction eliminates internal leakage that can cause malfunction.
• Pressure sensing is done with rolling diaphragms. These have the largest surface area among all diaphragm regulator designs, which results in the greatest accuracy. Furthermore, the sensing chamber is isolated from the flow path, so it provides unrestricted flow.
• Fail-Dry safety feature (must specify Series PRA).
• Each valve is individually tested prior to shipment.
• No wetted metals; all external fasteners are stainless steel, control springs on spring loaded models are not in the liquid.
• Maintenance-free designs.
• Factory pre-set if requested.
• Internal sensing area flush option.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Effective pressure regulation requires minimal or no pressure loss from your desired set point, with minimal impact on flow capacity. All of the valves listed below represent the ultimate combination of pressure regulation and flow performance.
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