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Tank Accessories

Big Brand Water Filter Cartridges

Tank Accessories

Tank accessories include float valves, blukhead fittings and other accessories to make your tank work with your other water treatment equipment.
  • Tank Float Switch Tank Float Switch
    This atmostpheric water storage tank switch is designed to work with our Commercial Light (CML) Series and our Commercial Plus (CMP) Series reverse osmosis systems.

    Reverse Osmosis Tank Float Switch

  • Tank Float Valves Tank Float Valves
    Big Brand Water Filter USA manufactured floats are non-corrosive, heavy-duty, high-quality PVC float valves that are an excellent non-corrosive alternative for brass float valves made by Robert Manufacturing and Watts-Flippen for fluid level control. Not to be confused with a plastic float valve, these float valves are made of a high-grade NSF rated PVC. Our patented design utilizes the latest materials for increased performance, reliability and economy. Big Brand Water Filter PVC float valves are the cost-effective alternative to stainless steel and the non-corrosive alternative to brass float valve.

    Tank Float Valves

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