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Tanks - RO, Carbon, Contact, more

Water Treatment Chemicals

Tanks - RO, Carbon, Contact, more

Water goes through a reverse osmosis membrane very slowly and people don't have the patience to wait a long time to get a cup of water. For this reason the residential RO units need a water storage tank to store the purified water. The RO...
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Big Brand offers a atmospheric and pressurized tanks for reverse osmosis, well bladder tanks, chemical contact tanks, and media tanks for water softeners, carbon filters, multi-media, iron reduction and other applications.
  • Retention Tanks Retention Tanks
    Structural Retention vessels are designed to provide optimal contact time for chemical treatment applications. Light-weight construction makes these seamless vessels easy to handle and install. Backed by an exclusive 5-year warranty, our Retention vessels are the perfect choice for both new and replacement installations.

    Retention Tanks

  • Reverse Osmosis Storage Tanks Reverse Osmosis Storage Tanks
    Big Brand offers reverse osmosis water storage tanks from one gallon through 86 gallon in bladder style tanks and 10 gallon through 25,000 gallon in atmospheric tanks. This section includes all of our pressurized bladder tanks. Bladder tanks have several advantages over atmospheric tanks. In a bladder tank, the water is held under pressure and in most instances a delivery pump is not required. Also, bladder tanks keep the water in a sealed environment reducing the risk of microbial contamination.

    Reverse Osmosis Storage Tanks

  • Tank Accessories Tank Accessories
    Tank accessories include float valves, blukhead fittings and other accessories to make your tank work with your other water treatment equipment.
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