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Hayward Air Release Valve 3/4" Socket/Threaded

Hayward Air Release Valve 3/4" Socket/Threaded
Hayward Air Release Valve 3/4" Socket/Threaded
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Tank, Container and VesselProtection
Emptying or filling a closed tank requiresthat it be vented to allow the passage of airinto or out of the tank in order to preventdamage to the tank. This is the function ofHaywards True Union Air Release Valve. Itprevents overflow of the process fluid as atank is being filled while allowing air toescape, minimizing the risk of the tankexpanding as the result of compressingtrapped air.

Automatic Operation
The Hayward True Union Air Release Valveoperates without the need for any adjustmentsor settings. As the liquid in the tankrises to the valve level, the ball floatsagainst the elastomer seat, automaticallypreventing unwanted flow out of the tank.When the liquid level falls below that of thevalve, gravity opens the valve to allow airinto the tank, eliminating the risk of the tankcollapsIng from vacuum pressure. The valvewill vent a tank with flows in excess of 150gpm. This is the equivalent of a 3 inch fillline flowing at up to 10 feet per second. Fortank installations that use a 4 inch or 6 inchfill line, two Air Release Valves can be used.

Easy Installation
The Hayward True Union Air Release Valveis supplied with both threaded and socketend connections in order to accommodatemost applications. A screen cover is alsoincluded.

True Union Design
This permits easy removal from a pipingsystem without breaking down piping connections.Just unscrew the assembly nutand lift the valve body out of the line.Maintenance couldnt be easier.

No Corrosion Failures
Hayward True Union Air Release Valves willnever fail, jam, stick or freeze in positionbecause of rust or corrosion. And they willnot contaminate sensitive fluids that comeinto contact with them.


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