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Eaton Industrial Strainers

Eaton Filtration offers a full range of simplex basket strainers and duplex basket strainers.  Basket strainers are offered in cast iron, carbon steel, bronze and stainless steel.

Speak to a Big Brand Water Filter sales rep by calling 888-426-9488 or 818-783-4088 to help you select the correct strainer and baskets.

Strainers are frequently used on large pipelines and pump intakes.  Many pump failures are attributed to a lack of a basket strainer before the pump.
The baskets are available in both perforation and mesh sizes along with a variety of custom made baskets to meet your needs.

  • Cast Iron Model 30R Simplex Basket Strainer Cast Iron Model 30R Simplex Basket Strainer
    The Eaton Model 30R is a high-quality, low cost simplex basket strainer—perfect for cost sensitive applications.

    Whereas the cost of the Model 30R is low, its design incorporates many features found only on more expensive units, including machined basket seats to protect against bypass, ensuring all of the flow is strained. The cover of the Model 30R is a clamp type, and is hand removable without the need for tools. This makes access to the basket quick and easy for cleanings or changeouts and every size strainer comes standard with a drain plug.

    The Model 30R is the best choice simplex strainer for low or moderate pressure applications such as swimming pools, cooling towers, and large air conditioning installations
  • Model 72 Simplex Strainers Model 72 Simplex Strainers
    The Eaton Model 72 has been the industry standard simplex basket strainer for more than 75 years. It is perfect for industrial and commercial applications in which the line can be temporarily shut down for strainer basket cleaning or changing out.

    A reason for its popularity is the unusually large basket capacity. The free straining area with a perforated basket is a minimum of six times the cross sectional pipe area. No tools are needed to open the cover. The quick opening, swinging yoke can be disassembled and the basket removed in seconds. On sizes 4 and larger, a special cover clamp is provided to distribute the seating pressure and to ensure positive seating of the cover.

    Another feature is a threaded drain on every size strainer (fitted with a plug). Sizes 2 and larger are equipped with legs that bolt to the floor for rock solid installation.

    Wall thicknesses are exceptionally heavy. The basket seats are precision machined to give a tight seal and prevent any material from bypassing the basket. The Eaton Model 72 simplex basket strainer is a top quality, heavy-duty unit designed to stand up to the most demanding of applications.
  • Carbon Steel Model 53SJ Steam Jacketed Duplex Basket Strainer Carbon Steel Model 53SJ Steam Jacketed Duplex Basket Strainer
    A unique flow diverter valve cartridge in the Model 53BTX SJ isolates the two strainer basket chambers and prevents fluid bypass. An easy-to-turn handle opiates the cartridge and diverts the system flow from one chamber to the other. The system flow is never shut down. When a strainer basket needs to be cleaned, the lever handle is turned to take that basket out of service by diverting the flow through the other chamber. The position of the handle clearly indicates at all times which chamber is in service. No special tools are needed to access the strainer basket for cleaning. The chamber is first drained and then the cover is lifted and swung clear of the chamber opening. The dynamic diverter cartridge seals prevent fluid bypass into the out-of-service chamber making for easy, hassle-free strainer basket servicing.
  • Carbon Steel Model 72SJ Steam Jacketed Simplex Basket Strainer Carbon Steel Model 72SJ Steam Jacketed Simplex Basket Strainer
    The Model 72SJ is for applications in which materials must be kept hot to remain fluid. Examples are chocolate, asphalt, resins, and polymers. By circulating steam or a heat transfer fluid through the strainer jacket, the strainer body temperature remains constant.

    The basic strainer used in the Model 72SJ is Eaton’s popular Model 72 simplex basket strainer that has proven itself an industry standard. All of the features of the Model 72 have been retained, including large basket capacity with a free straining area and a perforated basket approximately six times the cross sectional pipe area. No tools are needed to open the cover. The quick opening, swinging yoke can be disassembled and the basket removed in seconds. The standard cover seal is Viton® and can be used in most applications up to a temperature of 400 °F.

    Equipped with either a carbon steel or stainless steel jacket welded to the cast body, the steam jacket will handle steam pressures up to 100 psi.
  • Model 53BTX Duplex Basket Strainer Model 53BTX Duplex Basket Strainer
    Unique diverter cartridge assures leak-tight isolation of basket chamber during cleaning.

    A double sealing system on the upper and lower stems guards against any possible leakage. If service becomes necessary, just remove four bolts and the cartridge slides right out the top of the strainer body.

    Continuous Operation

    Eatonfs model 53BTX duplex basket strainer can operate continuously, eliminating the need to shut down processes for cleaning of strainers. When the first basket is full, a unique flow diverter cartridge shifts flow to a second basket to permit removal and cleaning with no interruption to operations.

    Draining this chamber is easy; the cover lifts and swings clear of the chamber opening with no special tools required. The unique flow diverter cartridge prevents fluid bypass into the out-of service chamber. It features a dynamic sealing system that ensures exceptionally long seat life and positive sealing. Manual internal or external ball support adjustments are not necessary.

    Size and Material

    The compact, low-profile Model 53BTX fits into spaces ordinary strainers may not, yet it still uses full-size strainer baskets with a low-pressure drop performance. Eaton offers basket openings from 3/4 down to 45 microns. Type 316 stainless steel is standard and Monel or Hastelloy C materials are optional.

    Easy Basket Servicing

    One drain plug is on each side of the basket. Additionally, an easy to access vent valve is on top of each basket well cover. Standard foot mounting pads ensure a rock solid installation no matter where the strainer operates.

    Available options include:
    Differential pressure gauges, with or without switches.
    Magnetic separators installed in the strainer basket for removing fine ferrous particulate matter from the process media.
  • Model 85 Y Strainer Model 85 Y Strainer
    Y strainers are typically used in applications that are focused on protecting downstream process system components. This is typically found where the amount of solids to be removed is small and where frequent clean out is not required. They are most often installed in gaseous services such as steam, air, nitrogen, natural gas, etc. The compact, cylindrical shape of the Y Strainer is very strong and can readily accommodate the high pressures that are common in this type of service. Pressures up to 6000 psi are not unusual. When steam is being handled, high temperature can be an additional complicating factor. A steam pressure of 1500 psi will often be found at temperatures of 1000°F. The strength of the standard Eaton Y Strainer design can easily accommodate these extreme parameters although the material of construction will probably be an alloy steel. A Y Strainer has the advantage of being able to be installed in either a horizontal or vertical position. However, in both cases, the screening element or "leg" must be on the "downside" of the strainer body so the entrapped solids can be properly collected and held for disposal. When the amount of material to be removed is small, the screen is manually cleaned after shutting down the line and removing the strainer cap. For heavier loads, Y strainers can be fit with a "blow off" connection that allows for cleaning of the screen without removing it from the strainer body.

    Eaton Model 85 Y Strainers are heavy duty ones, engineered to stand up to the most aggressive of industrial and commercial applications...year after year. There is simply no higher quality Y Strainer available at any cost.
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