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Calcite - Calcium Carbonate ( .5 ft3/ 55 lbs.)

Calcite - Calcium Carbonate ( .5 ft3/ 55 lbs.)
Calcite - Calcium Carbonate ( .5 ft3/ 55 lbs.)
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Calcite is a naturally occurring calciumcarbonate media. One of the advantagesof Calcite is its self-limiting property.When properly applied, it corrects pHonly enough to reach a non-corrosiveequilibrium. It does not overcorrect undernormal conditions. Upon contact withCalcite, acidic waters slowly dissolve thecalcium carbonate to raise the pH whichreduces the potential leaching of copper,lead and other metals found in typicalplumbing systems. Periodic backwashingwill prevent packing, reclassify thebed and maintain high service rates.Depending on pH, water chemistry andservice flow, the Calcite bed will have tobe periodically replenished as the Calciteis depleted. As the Calcites calcium carbonateneutralizes the water, it will increasehardness and a softener may becomenecessary after the neutralizing filter.Calcite can be effectively combinedwith Clack Corosex to combine the highflow neutralization properties of Corosex,along with the slower reacting low flowproperties of Calcite, increasing the abilityto correct low pH.


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