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Hayward PVC 4" S True Union Ball Check Valve

Hayward PVC 4" S True Union Ball Check Valve
Hayward PVC 4" S True Union Ball Check Valve
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Hayward True Union Ball Check Valve
4 PVC Socket w/EPDM O-rings

Threaded or Flanged is available upon request.

Backflow Prevention
Hayward True Union Ball Check Valves preventreversal of flow in piping systems. Theyare ideal where backflow could potentiallycause damage to pumps, filters, or processequipment.

Automatic Operation
Hayward True Union Ball Check Valvesoperate without the need for any adjustmentsor settings. Line pressure moves thesolid plastic ball off the elastomer seat,opening the valve. When the inlet flowstops, back pressure moves the ball backonto the seat stopping the flow.Additionally, this valve features a uniquesquare-cut elastomer seat to seal at lowback pressures.

True Union Design
Sizes 1/2 to 6 feature a true union design.This allows for easy removal from a pipingsystem without breaking down piping connections.Just unscrew the two assemblynuts and lift the valve body out of the line. ATrim Check design is used for the 1/4 and3/8 sizes. While not true union, the valvesare fully repairable, unlike some other smallercheck valves.

No Corrosion Failures
Because of their all-plastic construction,these valves will never jam or stick as aresult of rust or corrosion. Also they will notcontaminate sensitive fluids that come intocontact with them.

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