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CR Plus Chloramine Reduction Carbon

CR Plus Chloramine Reduction Carbon
CR Plus Chloramine Reduction Carbon
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Big Brand CR Plus series is a range of non-chemically impregnated activated carbons. They have been surface modified during manufacture, to significantly enhance the carbons capabilities for rapidly decomposing noxious compounds such as hydrogen sulfide, and chloramines.

No chemicals
No bed fires
No disposal problem
High quality coconut shell
High capacity for hydrogen sulfide
High capacity for chloramines
High capacity for organics

The CR Plus series of products are all produced from our high quality coconut shell carbons, and in addition to their capacity to handle sulfides etc. They have much higher surface areas than most other competitive brands. This enables them to remove larger quantities of other organic species which may be present in the system.

Contact time is essential to removal of chloramine. Standard coconut shell carbon will remove about 15% of chloramine with a 10 minute contact time. Our CR Plus will remove over 60% of chloramine with the same contact time.


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