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Hayward Duplex Basket Strainer CPVC FPM O-Rings 1/2" Flanged

Hayward Duplex Basket Strainer CPVC FPM O-Rings 1/2" Flanged
Hayward Duplex Basket Strainer CPVC FPM O-Rings 1/2" Flanged
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Stainless Steel Mesh Baskets


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Each Dulex Basket Strainer includes two plastic baskets w/standard basket perforation (If you want to specify the perforation of the basket, please call us). Stainless Steel Baskets are available. (see Accessories Tab)

Protect System Components
When pipeline system components requireprotection from dirt and debris and the linecannot be shut down for basket cleaning, aHayward All Plastic Duplex Basket Straineris the ideal choice. Unwanted particles areremoved as the process media passesthrough a perforated strainer basket containedinside the strainer body. The baskettraps the unwanted material while allowingthe process media to flow freely.

Easy Basket Cleaning
Cleaning or changing the strainer basket isquick and easy. Turning the operating handleon the diverter valve assembly switches theflow from one strainer housing to the other.Then, the out of service housing can be servicedby opening the hand removable, spinoffcover for access to the basket. The coverfeatures two angled handles for easy openingand closing. The housing has externalcover threads that do not contact theprocess media eliminating the need forcleaning. Venting and draining are easilyaccomplished by using the hand removable,threaded plugs on the cover and the side ofthe housing.

Choice of PipingConnections
The strainer can be installed either in-line orwith a loop piping configuration. This is madepossible by changing the orientation of thebottom outlet connection. Just loosen theconnection assembly nuts on the bottomdiverter valve and rotate it 180 degrees toconvert from one type of connection to theother. Maintenance is simplified by thestrainers true union piping connectionswhich make it possible to remove thestrainer from the pipeline without breakingdown piping connections.

Wide Range of StrainerBaskets
Plastic baskets in perforation sizes from 1/32to 3/16 and stainless steel baskets from 1/2perforation down to 325 mesh are available.

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