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Carbon Steel 53SJ Duplex Basket Strainer - 150# Flanged - 2"

Carbon Steel 53SJ Duplex Basket Strainer - 150# Flanged - 2"
Carbon Steel Model 53SJ Steam Jacketed Duplex Basket Strainer - 150# Flanged - 2"
Item #:ST053020BR33SJ
Sale Price:$12,563.86


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A unique flow diverter valve cartridge in the Model 53BTX SJ isolates the two strainer basket chambers and prevents fluid bypass. An easy-to-turn handle opiates the cartridge and diverts the system flow from one chamber to the other. The system flow is never shut down. When a strainer basket needs to be cleaned, the lever handle is turned to take that basket out of service by diverting the flow through the other chamber. The position of the handle clearly indicates at all times which chamber is in service. No special tools are needed to access the strainer basket for cleaning. The chamber is first drained and then the cover is lifted and swung clear of the chamber opening. The dynamic diverter cartridge seals prevent fluid bypass into the out-of-service chamber making for easy, hassle-free strainer basket servicing.

Working Pressure is 200 PSI at 150 F


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