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ACCUGAF® #2 Polypropylene 10 Micron 99% Efficient

ACCUGAF® #2 Polypropylene 10 Micron 99% Efficient
ACCUGAF® #2 Polypropylene 10 Micron 99% Efficient
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ACCUGAF #2 Polypropylene 10 Micron 99% Efficient

ACCUGAF , Filter Bagsfor Applications DemandingEfficiency >99%

The ACCUGAF filter bag pushes the boundaries of bag filtrationtechnology far beyond traditional designs. With efficiencies >99%,each ACCUGAF model provides cost-effective filtration solutions fordemanding applications. The five models assure users that particles fromthe range of 1.25 microns can be removed effectively while deliveringlong service life.

High-Efficiency Performance

ACCUGAF filter bags feature:

100% welded seams

Patented SENTINEL seal ring

Meltblown filtration media in polypropylene or polyester

No additives, such as resins, binders or surface treatments

FDA Compliant Materials

ACCUGAF filter bags are constructed entirely of materials compliant toFDA requirements for materials in contact with food. All materialsconform to US Code of Federal Regulations 21 CFR Part 177 and ECDirective 90/128/EEC.*


Although ideally suited for food and beverages, ACCUGAF filter bags willdeliver equal performance in a wide range of demanding applicationssuch as:

Beer, wine, spirits and beverage filtration

Fine particle removal in parts cleaning

Final filtration of lacquers

Final filtration of vinegar

Activated carbon removal in process systems

Final filtration of hydraulic oils and lubricants

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