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Big Brand 10 Micron FDA Bleached Cotton Slim Line Filter

Big Brand 10 Micron FDA Bleached Cotton Slim Line Filter
Big Brand 10 Micron FDA Bleached Cotton Slim Line Filter
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Big Brand?s string wound cartridge filters are manufactured usinga high speed, continuous wind process whichcreates a superior one-piece filter with hundreds ofdiamond shaped tunnels that get progressively smallerfrom the outer diameter to the core. Finer particlesare progressively trapped as fluid travels to the centerof the filter allowing for much greater retention capacitythan that which is associated with straight surfacefilter media of the same dimensions and porosity. Thewinding pattern provides 3.5 square feet per 10" cartridgefilter. For each 10" filter length there will beapproximately 1/2 to 1 lb. retention of solids before replacementbecomes necessary. The amount of solidsretained depends on the ype of solids in the solutionas well as the head pressure developed by the pump.Big Brand?s wound cartridge filters offer a true depth filtrationfor high dirt holding capacity and extremely lowmedia migration. Thus, even when the particle distributionof the contaminant is broad, Big Brand filters haveexcellent dirt holding capacity because of density andstructure. Therefore, it is not unusual for a set of cartridgesto filter many millions of gallons of fluid beforerequiring replacement. This means less equipmentdowntime, extended life for chemical solutions, cleaners,oils, coolants and liquids, not to mention the savingsin labor and materials.

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