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Mazzei Injectors-Air Injection and Chemical Injection

Mazzei Injectors-Air Injection and Chemical Injection

Mazzei Injectors - Air Injection and Chemical Injection

Big Brand Water Filter is a factory authorized stocking Mazzei injector distributor. Mazzei Injectors are high-efficiency, venturi-type, differential pressure injectors with internal mixing vanes. When a sufficient pressure difference exists between the inlet and outlet ports of the injector, a vacuum is created inside the injector body, which initiates suction of a liquid or gas through the suction port.

How a Mazzei Injector Works
When pressurized water enters the injector inlet, it is constricted toward the injection chamber and changes into a high-velocity jet stream. The increase in velocity through the injection chamber results in a decrease in pressure, thereby enabling an additive material to be drawn through the suction port and entrained into the water stream. As the jet stream is diffused toward the injector outlet, its velocity is reduced and it is reconverted into pressure energy (but at a pressure lower than injector inlet pressure). Please view the Injector Performance Table to select your injector.
  • Mazzei Polypropylene Venturi Injectors Mazzei Polypropylene Venturi Injectors
    Mazzei Polypropylene injectors are great for injecting air and liquids
  • Mazzei PVDF Injectors - For Use with Ozone Mazzei PVDF Injectors - For Use with Ozone
    Mazzei ozone injectors are made from PVDF (Kynar) which is resistant to ozone at all concentration levels. These can also be used with most chemicals and air but are not required for them. Polypropylene injectors are more cost effective for most fertilizer and air applications but will not stand up to ozone.
  • Mazzei Flash Reactors Mazzei Flash Reactors
    The patented Mazzei® Flash Reactor™ is a uniquely innovative mixing chamber that incorporates a re-directional and shearing design of the gas/liquid water mixture that allows for a rapid dissolution and attainment of gas/liquid equilibrium. The result is high mass transfer efficiency with minimal time required.

    Mazzei® Flash Reactors™ are constructed in 316L Stainless Steel and PVDF (Kynar®).
  • Mazzei Injector Accessories Mazzei Injector Accessories
    Kynar check valves, fittings and tubing from Big Brand Water Filter are the best way to connect your ozone generator to a mazzei injector. Ozone is highly corrosive and use of PVC or other lower grade tubing and fittings will cause leaks and failures over the long term.
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