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PURA UV Disinfection Water Treatment Systems

Water Treatment Chemicals

PURA UV Disinfection Water Treatment Systems

Fits PURA UV20 and UVBB systems. Big Brand Water Filter UV Lamp #20. Made in USA.
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PURA UV is the most technologically advanced Ultraviolet Water Treatment System available anywhere in the world. It had been designed with you, the consumer, in mind. PURA UV products are lightweight, easy to use and simple to maintain. PURA UV products will provide you with clean, disinfected drinking water for years to come. All PURA UV products feature: • Water disinfection greater than 99.9% kill rate
• Easy to change lamp and filters
• Lamp and ballast matched for quality assurance
• Simple installation

  • Add-On UV Disinfection Systems Add-On UV Disinfection Systems
    UV Add On Series The PURA UV “ADD ON” Series is designed to be an easy addition to water treatment systems that require ultraviolet disinfection (RO systems, holding tanks, water dispensers, recirculating systems and more). The “ADD ON” systems are available with a 1 GPM or 3 GPM flow rate. They are constructed using a 304 grade stainless steel body with a molded head that includes 3/8” quick connect fittings on the inlet/outlet. This versatile system also includes a heavy duty mounting bracket, but will also fit standard 2” RO mounting clips. The UV “Add on” series can be used almost anywhere and is equipped with a unique power supply that makes installation simple, space requirements minimal and lamp changes easy.

    PURA Add-On UV Disinfection Systems

  • PURA UV Big Boy Series UV Disinfection Systems PURA UV Big Boy Series UV Disinfection Systems
    PURA UV BigBoy™ Series The PURA UV Big Boy™ Series is the most versatile commercial ultraviolet disinfection system on the market today. This 15 to 60 GPM series is manufactured with versatility in mind, and is virtually unlimited in the possible filter configurations and manifold sequences. The Big Boy series is designed with the same traditional style that Pura has made an industry standard - worldwide. One advantage of the Pura UV Big Boy™ Series is the convenient manifold mounting rack. The rack can be used to configure up to four UV chambers in parallel or in series. This allows the user to achieve either a higher UV dosage or higher flow rate (up to 60 GPM). This mounting rack configuration provides easy access for cleaning and maintenance to the individual units without the need to shut down the entire water distribution line. The standard LED lamp monitor provides a visual verification that the lamp is in operation. The Pura UV Big Boy™ Series, with its capacity, versatility and cost, is the world’s most flexible, complete water disinfection system in its class.

    PURA UV Big Boy Series UV Disinfection Systems

  • PURA UV-20 Series UV Disinfection Systems PURA UV-20 Series UV Disinfection Systems
    The PURA UV20 Series is designed to provide disinfected water at a flow rate of 8 - 10 gallons per minute. This PURA system is ideal for whole house water treatment. In addition to disinfection, the double and triple models provide filtration for the removal of sediment and chemical contaminants. This ultraviolet water treatment system makes a perfect companion to water softeners, distillers, reverse osmosis and ozone systems. The UV20 series has proven to be PURA’s most popular product line and has created an industry standard in whole-house disinfection. LOW PRICE GUARANTEE. WE WILL MEET OR BEAT ANY ADVERTISED PRICE FROM ANY AUTHORIZED PURA UV DISTRIBUTOR. COMPANY MUST BE AN AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR, SYSTEM MUST BE IN STOCK.

    PURA UV-20 Series UV Disinfection Systems

  • UVB Disinfection Systems UVB Disinfection Systems
    PURA’s patented UVB Series™ is designed to provide disinfected water at a flow rate of 2 gallons per minute. In addition to disinfection, water is filtered through our .5 micron Extended Pass Carbon Block (EPCB) filter, which also removes Cryptosporidium and Giardia Lamblia Cysts. Our double and triple models provide you with additional filtration with sediment and activated carbon filters. This compact All-in-One system installs with ease and can be used anywhere that clean, clear, good tasting disinfected water is needed. It is ideal for pointof- use applications like: under the kitchen sink, office water coolers, water vending machines, boats, recreational vehicles, etc.

    PURA UVB Disinfection Systems

  • PURA UV Lamps and Quartz Sleeves PURA UV Lamps and Quartz Sleeves
    Big Brand Water Filter is the largest factory authorized stocking distributor for PURA systems, lamps, quartz sleeves and replacement components. In addition to the lamps and quartz sleeves listed here, Big Brand carries, o-rings, UV controllers and all other PURA brand components.

    PURA UV Lamps, Quartz Sleeves, and Components

  • PURA Replacement Filters PURA Replacement Filters
    Pura Replacement Filters Replacement filter cartridges for all Pura units.
    For units with filters, you’ll need periodic—once-a-year, or more frequently—cartridge replacements.
    Note: Big Brand offers all genuine factory original PURA filters.

    PURA Replacement Filters

  • Pura Ultraviolet Control Modules Pura Ultraviolet Control Modules
    These Pura Control Modules can be used with Pura UV20, UVB and UVBB Ultrviolet water systems. These Pura UV water systems can be found and bought here on our website along with any accessory you might need for it in the future. A Lamp Out Circuit LOC provides a warning or an automatic shutdown if the lamp is not functioning for whatever reason. This protects against contamination of the system by passage of untreated water. Here are the options: 1. If you want an audible alarm to warn you of trouble with the system, order the audible alarm and the lamp out circuit. Specify NO“normally open” lamp out circuit, which is the correct system to power the audible alarm. 2. If you want the unit to shut down completely in the event of lamp failure, order the NC“normally closed” lamp out circuit plus the solenoid valve. Note: The standard Pura unit comes with a visual monitoring system that allows you to see if the lamp is not functioning. The options above serve as added safety features.

    Pura Ultraviolet Control Modules

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