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Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis Systems

It is important for you to understand that a reverse osmosis system, whether it be tap water, a brackish water, sea water desalination or ultrafiltration; the membrane is a separator. You will have a product stream, frequently called permeate water and a waste stream often called brine water. The membrane itself does not remove contaminants. Dissolved ions and organics are concentrated in the brine stream while pure water comes out the permeate stream. Prices listed are for a reverse osmosis water filtration system only. Additional items such as uv disinfection, storage tanks, delivery pump, ozone water treatment, pre-filtration and other related water treatment supplies may be necessary to complete your installation.

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  • Tap Water Reverse Osmosis Tap Water Reverse Osmosis
    Big Brand Water Filter Tap Water Reverse Osmosis systems operate at anywhere from 100-220 psi. Newer membrane technology allows ro systems to run at lower pressures while still maintaining high rejection rates. Tap water reverse osmosis systems are for water with TDS levels below 2,500 ppm.
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