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Water Filter Cartridges and Filter Housings

Water Filter Cartridges and Filter Housings

Big Brand Water offers you a wide selection of water filtration system options. With an inventory of water filter models in the best brands today, including Ametek, KX and Everpure, we have all the water filtration products you will need to supply your home or office with the highest quality drinking water possible. We believe in offering our customers the best possible water filtration systems available today. That’s why we carry the only superior quality water filters to you at a reasonable and competitive price that others in the water filtration systems industry cannot match. When it comes to water filters, we know that mediocre just won’t cut it. The water that you drink and use for consumption is the most important thing you can put in your body — being sure that it is cleansed with a quality drinking water filter of the utmost quality is a high priority. Have a look at our selection of water filters — we know you will be able to find a suitable match for your needs.
  • Big Brand Water Filter Carbon Blocks Big Brand Water Filter Carbon Blocks
    Big Brand Water Filter carbon block filters are made using the highest quality materials available. You will notice that our filters are heavier than competing filters, that is because we put more carbon into our blocks. We manufacture with an environmentally friendly process that captures greenhouse gases. You will get better flow rates, longer life, and better chemical reduction by using genuine Big Brand Water Filter carbon block filters.
  • Big Brand Water Filter Cartridges Big Brand Water Filter Cartridges
    Big Brand Water Filter offers a large variety of custom made filters for reduction of arsenic, chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, nitrates, tannins, iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, and other contaminants. Big Brand filters are available in 10" and 20" slimline along with 10" and 20" big blue sizes. Big Brand 1000 Series Pure Polypropylene 10" and 20" Big Blue Filters feature 100% pure FDA approved polypropylene. These filters are ideal for residential and commercial use up to 25 gpm in the 20” Big Blue size. 1000 serires filters are 100% pure and have no glues, adhesives or additives and are made in the USA. Big Brand Water Filter High Capacity Pleated big blue filters have more media than the other guys A full 50% more pleats than the leading competitor! Washable and reusable 1-2 times in many applications. Big Brand Water Filter String Wound Filters are exception for reduction of iron particulate on well water applications.

    Big Brand Filter Cartridges

  • Everpure Replacement Filter Cartridges Everpure Replacement Filter Cartridges
    Big Brand Water Filter only sells factory original genuine Everpure Filters replacement water filter cartridges. Many sites on the internet are selling compatibles, which are not the same. When you use compatibles you sacrifice all Everpure Filters NSF certifications. Everpure filters are built specifically for Everpure Systems ensuring appropriate quality and fit. Everpure offers a full range of residential and commercial filters below.

    Everpure Filters Replacement Cartridges

  • Harmsco Filter Cartridges Harmsco Filter Cartridges
    Harmsco® SureSafe ™Cartridges utilize Silver Zeolite technology. Since ancient times, silver has been used to purify water and kill bacteria. Combining inert organic materials with silver into our filter media, enables our cartridges to help eliminate odor-causing bacteria and inhibit growth of destructive mold and mildew. Harmsco® SureSafe ™Antimicrobial media is interwoven with the latest in Silver Zeolite technology. Unlike competitive “treated media” products, Harmsco SureSafe™ cartridges will continue to provide safety and protection for your customers while outlasting the competition. Harmsco® SureSafe™ Silver Zeolite technology has been effective against more than 650 strains of bacteria, fungi and molds in a laboratory environments. It has completed FDA testing and is registered with the EPA.

    Harmsco Calypso Big Blue Cartridges

  • Osmonics Sediment Filter Cartridges Osmonics Sediment Filter Cartridges
    Osmonics was purchased by GE a few years back. We still carry the full Osmonics sediment filter line and have found them to be some of the best sediment filters on the market.
    I will take you through the line which goes from Puretrex Hytrex - Selex - Flotrex - Memtrex.

    The Puretrex is an economical filter that is great for prefiltration on reverse osmosis systems, under sink drinking water systems and other low flow applications. Puretrex is not recommended for whole house applications. The particle retention is not good at higher flow rates.

    The Hytrex is a step of from the Purtrex in two ways; higher flow rates and better particle retention. This is a great filter for whole house systems and industrial applications.

    The Selex is a high end filter for home systems and entry level for laboratory and high purity water applications. The Selex is available in a 1 micron absolute which we have found to have significantly better removal of smaller particles than either the Purtrex or the Hytrex.

    The Flotrex is often used as prefiltration in reverse osmosis systems that are in a food or beverage plant or as the second to last step in a bottle water process. You would run Flotrex, then ozone, or Flotrex then Memtrex. Flotrex filters are also use as prefiltration in laboratory, pharmaceutical and other high purity applications.

    Memtrex is for final filtration. If you use a memtrex filter without prefiltration it will plug very quickly. Memtrex is the top of the line in build quality, materials offered and particle retention. It is used for final filtration of food and beverage products, bio-tech, pharmaceutical production, bottled water and other applications that require 5 log reduction capabilities.


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