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Water Filtration Systems

Water Treatment Chemicals

Water Filtration Systems

Caption - When sand gets inside a residential water supply it can cause damage to plumbing fixtures and appliances, clogging sprinklers and building up in water heaters, faucet aerators, and more. The solution is a LAKOS SandMaster or San...
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Filtrations systems are available in replaceable cartridge style, cleanable filters and centrifugal separators.
Cleanable filter systems and centrifugal separators are effective for larger particles, generally 70 micron and above, while cartridge systems are effective down to 1 micron or smaller. A centrifugal separator will remove some particles smaller than 70 microns while removing as much as 98% of the particles larger than this size.
Our extensive Lakos sand separator selection includes the SandMaster Series for Residential applications, the ILB Series for low flow rates when Carbon Steel is required, the ILS Series for low flow rates when Stainless Steel is required, the IHB Series for high flow rates, automatic purging systems, and a variety of replacement parts for all systems.
  • Cartridge Filter Systems Cartridge Filter Systems
    Cartridge Filter Systems come in a variety of styles. There are four industry standard cartridge sizes; 10" and 20" length and 2 1/2" (slimline) and 4 1/2 or 4 5/8" Big Blue. 10" filters are usually 9 7/8" and not 10" to add some confusion to the puzzle.

    Some manufacturers make their filter systems take a proprietary cartridge such as Cuno and Everpure. There can be advantages such as a quick filter changeout or sanitary o-ring style connections but the cost for the cartridges can be higher also.
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